Tips on Spending Money

Lots of dog owners overspend when they are buying things for their pets. I know a lot of my friends will spend more on a shirt for their dog than they will for themselves. This is just dumb in my opinion. Humans are more important than dogs, so they should be treated better. That doesn’t mean that animals should be mistreated or anything, but they shouldn’t be treated better than humans, especially not by the owner himself.

This is a trivial thing to worry about, but I just like to point out that this is a fallacy that lots of people buy into without thinking twice about how much money they are wasting on g shock watches review so senseless and unimportant as the color of a dog’s collar or the type of shirt they are wearing in different temperatures or seasons of weather. This time could be spent doing something much more productive and helpful than focusing on a dog’s every need. Some people treat caring for their dogs like working, and they make sure they have a set schedule of things that they need to do and follow everyday. You don’t need to buy your dog an expensive dog treat that they will treat the exact same way as a $2 dog treat that gets the job done and then some. Consider using this money for yourself, of if you are insistent on giving it away, think about giving it to a charity that will help other people who are starving instead of spoiling your dog.

I know not all dog owners are like this, but there are a lot that do things that are unreasonable and unnecessary in every sense of the word, and I would just like to point it out and make it clear that that is unnatural and unhelpful for everyone involved in the situation. Don’t treat your dog like it is a person! They are animals that deserve respect, but not royalty and humanlike qualities. Your dog does not need a pocketbook, save that for yourself. Personally, I would much rather spend $20 on the best casio watch than on a dog’s personal care items that are not worth it in the long term. Your dog will love you the same regardless of how much money you spend on frivolous things.


At my school, we recruited players from all across the world to play basketball for us, among a few other sports. I didn’t even realize how this affected me until after I stopped playing basketball. As a result of our varsity team consisting of some of the top players in the state, I didn’t really have a chance to grow in my basketball skill through my school, so I was unfortunately very limited in playing time for my first and only two years of high school basketball. Hopefully your school is not like this, and you will be able to enjoy high school basketball by having fun on the court with friends instead of cracking jokes with friends on the toddler balance bike while players play down from varsity to help your team out and take your minutes.

Basketball is one of the most intense sports that you can play, so it’s definitely not recommended that you try out for the team if you haven’t played before, preferably competitively. If your school has a freshman team and you are a freshman, it could be a good idea to try out for that team if you aren’t confident in your skills yet. That is usually not as serious as the other levels, but is still fun to compete in and increase team chemistry as you work with your teammates to start to run plays and go through more advanced intricacies of the game.

It’s also a good idea to know how to play basketball before trying out. You should be completely familar with the following terms: screen, pick, elbow, floater, layup, hedge, jab step, etc. Make sure you can understand everything the announcers of an NBA game are saying. This should be easy for you if you have been playing basketball for a few years.

High school basketball is usually about winning at all levels, not about fairness, equal playing time, or anything like that. As a result, you should try to help out your team by doing what you are good at, whether that is defense, rebounds, or scoring. Don’t just try to shoot as much as you can because you want to be like Kobe. Listen to your coach and do what the team needs from you to win games, and you will probably be having fun. Don’t let the game stress you out, it’s all for fun.